International Expert Training for Fire Officers

19. - 23.3.2018

St. Petersburg University of State Fire Service, Saint Petersburg
770.00 € (sis. alv 0%)
770.00 € (sis. alv 0%)

Structure of EMERCOM – Emergency Prevention and Response in Russian Federation

The Finnish Association of Fire Officers and Kymenlaakso Regional Rescue Department jointly with St. Petersburg University of State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia are organizing International Expert Training for Finnish fire officers. This course is going to be held in Russia, St. Petersburg, in March and April 2018.

As we all know, the world is rapidly changing, and our fire officers / incident commanders have to be ready to deal with different kind of disasters. We need to ensure that in the future our fire officers have the expertise to meet the modern challenges of our society on national and international level. This means that we have constant needs for developing our national and international working skills.

International Rescue Services and their cooperation with EMERCOM (Russian The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters) has long traditions. The Border Area cooperation of today includes variety of activities, such as exchange of experts, mutual trainings, meetings etc. Along the border of Finland and Russia, Rescue Departments are actively doing international cooperation with different parts of EMERCOM organization.


This international expert training is intended for all Finnish Regional Rescue Services. Each Rescue Service can nominate one (1) expert to take part in this course. We are seeking participants who are working as fire officers and whose work perhaps incudes some level of Rescue Service branch international cooperation. Participants have to have proficient skills or similar level of operative English to be active members of this course.

Course information

The course takes five (5) days. Preliminary course program includes theoretical and practical training as well as guided tour to different organizations and cultural facilities.

NOTICE! Before the actual course, the Finnish Association of Fire Officers organizes an Introduction Day (1.2.2018, Helsinki Metropol Area). This day includes more detailed information of the course, visa support and preliminary tasks helping participants to be well prepared to this course and its agenda.

Course time

  • Group 1: 19.–23.3.2018 (max 11 persons)
  • Group 2: 16.–20.4.2018 (max 11 persons)

Introduction Day for all participants 1.2.2018

Course place

St. Petersburg, University of State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia

Course language


Course price

Course price 770 EUR (inc. VAT 0 %) will include following items:

  • Introduction Day

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner according to the program
  • Accommodation (University dormitory)
  • Allegro Helsinki–St. Peterburg–Helsinki
  • Transportations during the course in St. Petersburg
  • Theoretical lessons 14 h, Practical lessons 10 h
  • VISA and VISA support, official invitations from St. Petersburg University


Enrollment by 30 November
Group 1 19.–23.3.2018  
Group 2 16.4.–20.4.2018

NOTICE! When registering, you will need a passport number. Passport must be valid for six months after the end of the course.

Contact persons and more information

Tomi Timonen, Training Director, The Finnish Association of Fire Officers
tel. 044 7334112, email
Teemu Veneskari, Chief of Development, Kymenlaakso Rescue Department
tel. 044 702 6232, email

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