The Finnish Association of Fire Officers

The Finnish Association of Fire Officers is a national organisation founded in 1932. Its purpose is to enhance professional knowledge and skills of fire officers, sub-officers and experts in fire, rescue and safety services. The association promotes readiness of people, organisations and society to prevent accidents and to act right in hazard situations. 

The Finnish Association of Fire Officers is not a labour union but a non-profit organisation. Its most important mission is to improve safety.Logo

The association has more than 2.000 members in different directing and expert positions in the field of safety and fire and rescue services. Companies and communities have shown growing interest towards association and its membership.

The Finnish Association of Fire Officers works in a broad field in order to controlling accident risks in different situations and environments.

Important activities

The Finnish Association of Fire Officers

1. organises versatile fire, rescue and safety training
2. represents expertise in different projects and working groups
3. makes initiatives and proposals to improve safety
4. produces and publishes educational and training material
5. develops international communication and co-operation.

The impact of activities of Finnish Association of Fire Officers is based on long-term work and immediate communication with different authorities and organisations in safety field.


To develop skills and knowledge of fire and rescue services and to make expert comments and opinions to enhance safety.

Vision 2020

We are a respected safety conversationalist and a co-operative organisation relying on open partnership, continuous development offering expertise, training and materials of the highest quality in the fields of fire, rescue and safety.

Strategic guidelines

– Topical coaching and training services of high quality
– Respected expert
– Active safety conversationalist
– Producer and publisher of versatile material of high quality
– Extensively networked and oriented towards co-operation
– Economically healthy and administration supports activities

The Finnish Association of Fire Officers has six divisions which work under the rule of the board of the association. The divisions are:

– Accident prevention and risk assessment
– Corporate safety
– Voluntary fire brigades
– SAR activities
– Administration and supportive activities
– Civil defense and preparedness


Each division has its own board and each division is represented in the board of the association.

Organisaatiokaavio englValues

The Finnish Association of Fire Officers and Finnish Fire and Rescue Services have stated their values as following:

“Safety is our common goal”

– Humanely
Fairness, diversity, dignity and respect, responsibility for the environment

– Professionally
Reliability, competence, pride in our work

– Reliably
Self-discipline, accident prevention, cooperation, constant preparedness

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